We Are The Galaxy

Connecting the physical self with cosmic consciousness

a beautiful woman in her twenties plays with grey silk scarfs in a suggestive pose

The things we say
To part the way
The way we beg
We scream
We sway
The way the thoughts
Like fragments deep
Cannot hold my soul
Or drag me into sleep
For now I lay me down again
A runner choosing not to sin

Instead I rise
I celebrate
I live this life
I turn from hate
For if the bunny in the sun
Were truly wise
She would run
What kind of world
What kind of man
Would make this work
What kind of plan

For if You truly
Love us each
How does Satan
Good souls beseech?
And where the hell
Does evil begin
When even the innocent
Turn to sin

You are nothing
If not a pain in my ass
Yet at the end of the day
You have more class
More joy
More honor
More respect
You choose to fill us
When we genuflect

So bow I will
And pray I must
There is no way to hide
Once one learns to Trust
I’ll turn inside
And meditate
I’ll forgive loudly
And stop self-hate

I’ve heard this riddle
Once or twice
What good is God
Without sacrifice?
So once again
I cry: Dear Dad
Please make me better
Help me be glad
Bring me closer
To the light
Support my hope
Help me to fight

the sun bursts out from behind clouds in this image also featuring a row of trees at the bottom

Let me choose good
For once and all
Let there be triumph
Let us smash that wall
Help me help
And help me choose
Whom to allow
A mile in my shoes

For this was not
An easy walk
But even harder
The pretty talk
Child of atheists
I grew up on swears
Nobody taught me how
To talk to the man upstairs

nine rocks sit in a perfect pile, one on top of the other, with increasingly smaller sizes and the bottom rock is mostly submerged in a body of water

So Lord forgive me
But I prefer your wife
Her butt looks nicer
And she understands strife
Although when I’m honest
Truly One in a quiet space
You make a great team
Even in the smallest trace

So in the end
I’ll tell them all
Even angels
Sometimes fall
But most importantly
In retrospect
Is all of humanity:
We hold the entire deck
And we will choose
To do it right
Because we are loved
And we are Light.