We Are The Galaxy

Connecting the physical self with cosmic consciousness

Hey there, Spoose. I do not think that there could possibly be anyone on this planet who could have been more perfectly picked for me than you.

I am growing to be less astonished with how much I still love you, how deep the roots of love and affection can grow, how incredible our connection is, and how we are evolving simultaneously instead of tangentially. I spent the entirety of my singleness with such a thirst to find my twin flame, and then after all that, several months in to our final coupling, you were the one who brought it up to me.

You exhaust me, but push me to be better every single day. And not in any type of aggressive manner, but instead the opposite, you are kind, patient, and forgiving when I meet you with sharp angles and bitterness and trauma and defeat.

Your unwillingness, neigh refusal, to treat me unkindly EVER forces me to look inwardly at how I can alter my own responses. I am growing in self-knowledge and self-confidence just by being loved by you.

You are the time to my travel, the wonder to my mystery, the magic to my curiosity. I never knew that true love was real, that growth could be encouraged, that I could both desire and allow myself to be desired, that there could be even deeper spirituality to experience when shared.

I didn’t know that we could combine and share and love and participate as a team, united, instead of my solitary might-be-mad-ness.

You are unfathomable. I know without a shadow of a doubt that you were the faceless stranger in every dream of mine as a child, wondering what I would turn into and who I would be with. I know that we have done this before and before and before, and I am so grateful to settle my cosmic karma by your side.

You encourage me, you strengthen me, and you give me more than you could ever, ever know. I love you more than purple.