We Are the Galaxy


There are Venn diagrams that exist between seizures and psych emergencies and spiritual awakenings.

Talking to your guides is called schizophrenia. (Have you spoken with someone with the diagnosis before? I played around and got it at one point. I played collect ’em all for some reason this incarnation 🤷🏻. Probably to be the healer my guides kept telling me I’d be.)

When you have a spiritual awakening, you are suddenly a different person than you were prior to that. Depending on the level of support you have, you may or may not have any idea what is going on, and where do you go for panic? When it feels like you’re dying because your brain is getting squeezed with new information? The hospital.

Unfortunately, the hospital is good at throwing meds at you that push you away from that ascension instead of just helping you through it.

You need the meds until you are safe and healed enough from your trauma. Need to start that healing process now rather than later? Give me a ring at 2o8-996-557nine.

I’ve been through this, I know what that pain looks like, and I’ve developed multiple programs that allow us an easier, softer way out and through this agony of human existence. On and on through until we find Bliss. Let me help ya.