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Consciousness Camp


This twelve-week container is for those who are on the path of awakening and looking for a bit of guidance. We will cover all of the topics above, and you will additionally have access to me, Geneva Hill. For those who don’t know, I am a reiki master, quantum healer, and QLF certified timeline integration worker. I work with the Akashic Records, with angels and my team of guides (lookin’ at you, Gladreel!) to help live a soul-centered and authentic life that I don’t have to hide from.

Expect to come for a good time, and find a safe place where we can co-create, dive deep into feeling all of our authentic emotions, and learn the art of healing from our wounds. If you are here to break generational trauma patterns, this is for you!

Note: I am happy to take up to 12 month payment plans. If you need a payment plan, contact me directly at geneva@wearethegalaxy.com. 


Twelve weeks together. One call per week. Unlimited voxxer (or FB messenger) access in between. An entirely upgraded life.

  1. Bringing the pieces together: how to co-create with your Higher Self, Inner Child, and Shadow Self in both the physical and spiritual dimensions.
  2. Statistically, everything is possible: How to shift your beliefs into positivity.
  3. How to connect with your guides and spend time with the other side of the veil.
  4. How to start timeline work for the transmutation of past wounds.
  5. How to manifest – manifest $1K in the next month as proof.
  6. The basics of magic, including deeper love & reverence for the earth + the divine and our place within the cosmos. Find a lifelong tool for connection & co-creation of your reality.
  7. How to set protection around yourself and your space + group trauma release in a sacred rage container.
  8. Love + relationships – bring more physical intimacy into your life or deepen current relationships through self-reflection.
  9. Soul purpose – loving what you do + doing what you love. Find what is in alignment with your highest good.
  10. Re-alignment: how to get out from under a bad day – emotional rebalancing.
  11. Business coaching/marketing – solidify a business plan that works for YOU.
  12. Opening the doors to psychic gifts + beyond/mini Akashic records training – leaving the door open for your continued exploration of the spiritual realms.


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