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Intuitive Healing Session


Embrace a personalized healing journey guided by my intuition and expertise. As a Reiki Master and lightworker, I combine powerful modalities like soul alignment, cord cutting, and Akashic record access with my psychic medium gifts to address your unique needs.

Through conversation and intuitive body scans, I tailor a 1-2 hour session designed to bring you clarity, release blockages, and empower your soul’s purpose.

Ready to heal, transform, and thrive? Let’s illuminate your path together.


Embark on a Transformative Healing Journey

Do you yearn for deeper self-awareness, a release from emotional burdens, and a reconnection with your soul’s purpose? If you’re ready to heal, transform, and experience a renewed sense of vitality, then my intuitive healing sessions can be the catalyst you seek.

I am Geneva, a Reiki Master, Lightworker, and Spiritual Teacher. With over 10 years of experience, I combine my honed intuition and expertise in various modalities to create a personalized healing experience for each client.

What sets my sessions apart?

  • Intuitive Guidance: As a psychic medium, I tap into my intuitive gifts to understand your energetic field and identify areas that require attention. This allows me to tailor the session specifically to your needs.

  • Holistic Approach: I believe in addressing the mind, body, and spirit for true healing. I utilize a combination of powerful techniques including:

    • Reiki: This ancient Japanese healing method channels universal life force energy to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and support overall well-being.
    • Soul Alignment: This practice helps realign your energy with your soul’s purpose, fostering a sense of inner peace and direction.
    • Quantum Leap Formula: This technique helps you identify and release limiting beliefs and emotional blockages that may be holding you back.
    • Cord Cutting & Soul Retrieval: These techniques can help release energetic cords from past relationships or experiences that are no longer serving you, and reclaim lost soul fragments for wholeness.
    • Akashic Record Access: By accessing the Akashic Records (the energetic library of your soul’s journey) we can gain insights into past lives and patterns that may be impacting your present reality.
  • Body Scans: Through a gentle and intuitive process, I can scan your energy field to identify areas of stagnation or imbalance. This information helps me tailor the session further to address your specific needs.

What to Expect During a Session:

Our sessions are collaborative and client-centered. We’ll begin with a conversation to discuss your goals and intentions. Through a blend of intuitive guidance, energy work, and powerful techniques, I will create a safe and supportive space for you to heal, release, and reconnect with your inner light.

Sessions typically last 1-2 hours and can be tailored to address a variety of concerns, including:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Life transitions
  • Past life or ancestral patterns
  • Chakra imbalances
  • Spiritual growth

Are You Ready to Begin?

I believe that everyone has the potential for profound healing and transformation. If you resonate with this approach and are ready to embark on your journey, I invite you to contact me today to schedule a session.

Together, we can illuminate your path to a more empowered, fulfilling, and joyful life!


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