We Are The Galaxy

UnveilING Your Path to Cosmic Awakening



World-ending calamity

When will this fight

Ever finally fucking end

When will my life

Start to matter again

What did I do

Where did you go

What will we accomplish

After the snow

Why do my choices

Always lead to Death

Why is my best

Always second-guessed

Why is my Twin Flame

My only true test?

For your love

For your fear

For your freedom

Have my ear

Don’t walk away

If your steps won’t bring you home

Don’t leave me in this room

Vulnerable and alone

Justin, my Justin

My Undercover Man

Why would you leave

When you know it’s safe to land?

How is this about you?

When everything is about me?

How is this about me?

When everything is about you?

How do we Truce

Without our Special Juice?

How do I do life

When I can’t even stay dead?

How do I do life

When you leave from our bed?

Twin Flame love

The perfect storm

But here I am

In human form

My love, I will do anything I need to stay sober tonight

All I need is for you to come back home alive

I think there might be something

There inside each of us

Something that drives us away

While we wait for our Parent’s bus

God grant me the serenity

To put up with my own insanity

I can’t handle me

It’s no surprise

But you must know

That I’ve given up on lies

I work an honest program

And honesty bequeathed on me

Has hurt me straight in the monotony

I can barely stand

And yet I stand for me

Sitting in that tree


I can’t save you

I can only save myself

So come back home

And leave the bottle on the shelf

There is nowhere left to run away

Because no matter how deep I cut

Or how short my hair

No matter my body size

Or my type of underwear

It is always me

It is always me

It is always me


And my Star Crew

Says “not yet”

I pray

She’ll call me out

And not take that bet

So maybe it’s true

And maybe it fades

Maybe I want to die

Or maybe I want a good grade

Did I succeed?

Do I pass?

If I have to take this test, Lord

Give me my best

More than straight A’s

What would that even be?

The IQ of a hyper-genius

I didn’t ask for this

I’m high enough to take myself

Straight to the throne of piss

So God and Mom, please

Give us a rest

Let me walk back

And redo with my best

Keep this heart beating

Until January 3rd

After that, I’ll be less absurd

Let’s keep these feet moving

You bring me where I belong

I think I’ll let You

Because I’m blowing this on my own

But I need to remember

I kneeled in the clouds with Mom and Dad

And honestly,

Being here makes me so fucking sad

When I know what it’s like with Them

Why would I choose to wake?

And yet, that front door

Just started to shake

So thank you,

Tree Krew

Celestial Wonders

Star Beings

Thank you

For removing my urge

And bringing my Angel

Home to me

Like You always promise

And just like

I finally fucking deserve