We Are The Galaxy

Connecting the physical self with cosmic consciousness

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Welcome to your Awakening.

You didn’t find this website by accident.

You have been pulled by that inner knowing that you are so much BIGGER than where you are currently at.

So much bigger.

In fact, something truly profound lives inside of you. And you have a mission to birth it into this world.

You’re right where you’re meant to be.

Exactly on time.


You’re one powerful motherf*cker.

But you already know that.

This space is held with spiritual boundaries to attract only the most amazing people on this planet.

It is exclusively for world-changers. The best of the best. Those of us in our very last incarnations, or passing through the end of our karmic cycles.

The ones destined to light the world on FIRE 🔥 .

And while you may have suspected that there was something a bit different about you for some time now…

You haven’t quite figured out what that means yet.

You know that you are different.

Special, even.

But that hasn’t always been a good thing.

Heck, sometimes it’s been a downright awful thing.

And you’ve found yourself thinking…

“I wish I could at least have some superpowers to help me benefit from my uniqueness! This is awful!”