We Are The Galaxy

UnveilING Your Path to Cosmic Awakening

I’ve been speaking a lot with the ancient race of time travelers who call themselves Arcturians.

They appear to me as light energy. Balls of light, occasionally person-shaped, and usually with a colored message for me. If they are showing up blue, for instance, there are lessons I can learn from my throat chakra.

As a result, I’ve been learning about how things like breath work, awareness, specificity of Language (aka neuro linguistic programming), neglecting certain senses to assist in heightening others, and more work together in an “enlightened” body in a way that most humans are too distracted to allow for.

If you suspect that you are a starseed, or if the term sends you that sense of wonder and excitement, then perhaps you should ask them to talk to you directly.

They appear differently to some of my friends, so take the image with a grain of salt. But they have so, so much to teach us when we are willing to be still and listen.