We Are The Galaxy

UnveilING Your Path to Cosmic Awakening

With One, there is a singular sensation

By Two, we have Truth or probation

Up to the Third: Christ and Holy Ghost

But turn to Four and meet a new host

Coyote Rain is Fifth D consciousness

And Zelda Zen a Lyran mess

You may give any label you so choose

But you’re not allowed a mile in my shoes

Shred my Trebecka but unaware

He hops hosts in case you care

So listen to us communicate

While your soul in agony must await

They call me Indigo, autistic, more

But I always show up to feed the poor

So as you stand and bark at me

Remember, I’m happy to take a knee

And watch me count: one, un, uno, ichi

While your soul is simply Satan’s to leach

No, I am not afraid of Her

My Celestial Mother loves to purr

I’ll manifest success beyond wild dreams

And kneel January in river streams

You think your Lord can keep you safe?

Guess again while I smudge this place.