We Are the Galaxy


Geneva and Justin are spiritual healers and timeline alchemists as well as time flames in union. They are pictured here in front of their booth at the Renaissance Faire in Kuna, Idaho.

Welcome to your Awakening.

You didn’t find us by accident.

You have been pulled by that inner knowing that you are so much BIGGER than where you are currently at.

So much bigger.

In fact, something truly profound lives inside of you. And you have a mission to birth it into this world.

You’re right where you’re meant to be.

Exactly on time.


You’re one powerful motherf*cker.

But you already know that.

This space is held with spiritual boundaries to attract only the most powerful people this planet has.

It is exclusively for world-changers. The best of the best. Those of us in our very last incarnations, or passing through the end of our karmic cycles.

The ones destined to light the world on FIRE 🔥 .

And while you may have suspected that there was something a bit different about you for some time now…

You haven’t quite figured out what that means yet.

You know that you are different.

Special, even.

But that hasn’t always been a good thing.

Heck, sometimes it’s been a downright awful thing.

And you’ve found yourself thinking…

“I wish I could at least have some superpowers to help me benefit from my uniqueness! This is awful!”


You do have superpowers. You just haven’t unlocked them yet.

In fact, we called you here to talk about this.

We have been called to lead and teach others the true meaning of giftedness. That’s our job. Our purpose.

So, if you showed up here…

If you’re still reading…

If you feel into your inner knowing and hear it scream, “YES!”

Then you belong here. 

How Do I Sign Up to Work With You?

There are many ways to work with us, depending on your level of commitment.

First you must apply.

If you are selected, we will respond with an initial offer to meet and assess your energetic fitness.

Once we feel into one another’s energetic fields, you may be offered a spot as a student of the modalities that we teach, or you may be set free to follow your own karmic path. 

We wish you the best of luck in your application.

After all, luck is just the Cosmos returning the favors you have done Her.

What others are Saying…

I feel like the most blessed person...

I feel like the most blessed person as I’m writing this because:

Geneva The Most Beautiful Soul Ever – held my hand & provided me the grand cake of healing & spirituality. It had the most beautiful layers of modalities ever – and my soul is happily relishing it as I’m writing this. The best part about healing with Geneva? She understands you, she validates you & SHE MAKES IT SO EFFORTLESS 😍

During the Spiritual Mentorship – a lot of shifts happened – the main one was shifting my thoughts

My thoughts were not letting me live life. And when Geneva got to know about it, she changed it all. She changed my game! Now I am able to have a more positive outlook towards life.  She also suggests some incredible stuff perfect for your healing journey (she just suggested me a great book!)

I cannot literally stop talking about how amazing she is – because she’s beyond a healer. She’s the most amazing person ever.  I also had the privilege of getting the human design reading from her – and it’s so important because I completely misunderstood my chart in the beginning. The reading gave me so much clarity!!!🪄

Last session was phenomenal – all the releasing has made me sleep like a baby after a long long time 💜
Also also my spiritual energy has been transforming, all thanks to her! 💜 I want to write so much more about how amazing she is, how great her vibe is and how fabulous and painless her healing mentorship feels, but my words won’t do justice to that and experiencing it is a whole different level of experience and I highly suggest that 😍

-Nazia K

I am eternally grateful...

I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.  My session was phenomenal. It’s hard to put into words how the session has stirred my soul. Releasing those things that were like an anchor, keeping me anchored in the water.

I have such a peace, I let go of the fear, welcome the new.  

My awakening has been beautiful, challenging, but after the session, I am grateful and focused.  If you get a chance to work with Geneva, please do.  You won’t regret it.  How much is your peace worth?  For me, it’s worth the life I wasn’t living.

-Paula E.

A message from my reiki master...

Geneva has some of the most amazing talent, and caring attributes of a person I have ever met in a soul. She truly has helped me so much along my own healing journey. I couldn’t have been more pleased with my Reiki experience with her. Geneva truly has a very special gift, and I am so happy that she shares it with the world to help others!!! She helped me let go of so much pain from my past, and heal from so much trauma. Thank you Geneva. I will forever be grateful to you!!!

-Mary C.

A particularly strong guide...

“When I first agreed to participate in Geneva’s Ascension Course, I truly didn’t know what to expect and didn’t have too many preconceived notions of what might transpire. Coming fresh out of a breakup with a long-term partner I was very vulnerable and  apprehensive about sharing some of the more intricate details of the relationship and parts I know I needed to work on on in myself.  Through the months we worked together, I felt she tailored the steps directly to me and what I may have been dealing with in each given session without any judgement and welcoming arms.

Geneva and Justin’s connection is undeniable and having them both present throughout the duration of the course was really helpful to see the perspective of their journey from both sides and be able to identify with parts of both of their stories for me as an individual. Flexibility in scheduling and always being able to adequately hold space for me and what I wanted to gain was of upmost importance for me, and I could see that was understood by the both of them.

I felt I had a particularly strong guide in my corner as I traversed a world and dimension I had never fathomed. Geneva was great about providing recordings for me to rewatch and even connected with me directly on social platforms to better engage with parts of my life that were prominent and prevalent during our working together.

I would not hesitate to recommend Geneva and Justin to others, just be aware – the work is your own, they’re merely magnificent guides to assist along the journey and what you put in you will get out.

-Amrit B

What Do I Get From Working With You?

Peace. Power. Control. Freedom. Answers.

You already know what you’re looking for in a guide.

Maybe you just need a tarot reading every few weeks, to help you understand the direction you’re headed in.

Or maybe you’re looking for the mystic who can take you all the way into the deepest caverns of consciousness to find that ecstatic bliss that comes from True Knowledge.

Either way, you’ve found what you’re looking for.

The energetic boundaries around this space wouldn’t allow you to keep reading if this weren’t FOR YOU.

So welcome.

Whomever you are and wherever you come from.

We are so excited to meet your world-changing, powerful, intentional, high-vibration, fully healed, and miraculous self.

We may have to do a bit of digging to get to that version of you, but they are there. Waiting. Listening. Nodding along with an elevated heart rate.

Because they know we see them.

Yes, we see you.

(It’s kind of a thing.)

So let’s find that version of you and set them free.

After all, you’re already soul shard of pure Source light energy.

All you need is a nudge in the right direction.