We Are The Galaxy

UnveilING Your Path to Cosmic Awakening

What, two posts in one day? Yes.

This has been such an incredibly, INCREDIBLY (and unfairly) difficult year for this species.

777,000 COVID deaths in the USA as of the 12/1/21. Our planet has gone from 7 billion humans with no space for more down to an estimated 5 billion humans, each with their own broken heart.

Did you know there’s no guide for surgery/broken ankle/psychosis starts/COVID delta Mom/COVID delta Dad/life-altering injury/psychosis ends inside a 16-day hospital stay/stroke-high blood pressure/autoimmune diagnosis?


However, I digress.

I am no longer living in fear of Satan.

And it takes a really big tranquilizer to take down the best horse.

I’m 9 days out from my baptism and ruining the day for someone at least once per day at this point. Today, I think I may have ruined the day for 11 people by trying to do the right thing.

So, friends. If my adventures on this planet have taught me ANYTHING (other than the fact that Revelations 12 is STUPIDLY real), it’s this:

We need to love. We need to share. We need to forgive. We need to wipe each other’s tears, and hold each other’s hair back while we throw up–for any number of possible reasons. Do not fear death. The standard Christian afterlife is very real, and very, very beautiful. The stillness inside your soul while you are in Heaven is like…. like breathing in the petrichor scent just after a rain, and watching the snow fall while also staring at the moon and stars and surrounded by all of your favorite books, under a warm blanket on a soft bed.

But if that’s not your cup of tea, there are billions of different endings, and NONE OF THEM ARE AWFUL…


You’re a sack of shit human being who WANTS to be a dick at all costs.

Anyone can find their way back onto a good path.

Sometimes it takes a nudge, and as much as I want to be that nudge for every single human being… I am but one woman living inside a human body with chemical imbalances that REQUIRE my full cooperation with treatment in order to survive.

So, yes, I was in Intermountain Hospital for sixteen days while I broke and broke and broke and broke until I was able to break through my psychosis and emerge less ill. However, I stand proudly by every mood I made this time, until the last 2-3 days on the outside spun too far out of even MY “almighty” control.

And as much as I think I can be God sometimes with that manic psychosis this body is up against…

I’m really grateful to be Geneva Kathryn *wens Stevahn Hill instead. (*the missing letter is easily deduced if you are not a robot trying to sell my information to the dark web. I’ve been there already. 0/10, do not recommend.)

And I’m really grateful to have a clear set of instructions for 33:

Forgive loudly.
Cheer more quietly.
Pray always.
Practice all forms of responsible majick.
Stand up for injustice, even it costs you “likes”.
Go on a walk every single day. (This one has been my hardest, but my walk is now a barefoot run.)
Trade wine for water.

Seven more gifts from Cosmic Consciousness, in the middle of a psychotic break where EVERYTHING was terrifying and dark to me. Thank you, Divine Creatures for giving me that one. I obviously needed it, but I also really wanted something that great, and you gave me the second-best birthday present of all time.

First-best is my Justin Brandon Hill.

So, here you go, humans. Straight from Divinity and the One True Living God itself:

There you have it.

Will it work? I would put every dollar the species currently has on YES, but I am only a graduate of Political Science and Philosophy with a mere B.S. If anyone knows some PhDs who want to look more deeply into this, I’d love to continue the conversation with the biblical gift of tongues I picked up inside my inpatient stay.

Also, hey, @elonmusk I’m still really wanting to find a way to connect one-on-one with you. There’s got to be someone who can get me a direct email address. I asked Alexa, but she doesn’t know yet.

Merry Christmas, y’all. I hope we can ALL come into union soon. 💜😉👆🏻🕊