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I’m Geneva Hill

Spiritual Healer and 5th Dimensional Ascension Guide

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path to Divine Truth and Trauma Healing

Spiritual Healing

Do you consider yourself spiritually “stuck”? Despite baptism, prayer, and meditation, do you find yourself feeing disconnected from Source and wondering what The Point of It All is? I can help. Let’s chat.

Twin Flame Healing

Are you on the Twin Flame life path? Feeling a bit crazy? Let’s get our Twin Flames in full union to describe a bit about the process, how we know we’re NOT crazy, and how you can find Truth and Peace, too.

Helping You Achieve Healing

Unlock Your True Soul Purpose. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU!

If you are clinging to the idea that you are “too broken” or that your trauma is “too deep” to be healed, I have wonderful news for you: You do not have to play in your shit or cling to your outdated paradigms in order to be freed from the Hell you have found yourself trapped in.

Childhood trauma that would make anyone sick?

Abusive marriage that you don't know how to escape from?

Children caught in the crossfire of your own traumas repeating themselves despite your best intentions?

You are not on this page by accident. Here is your sign. Freedom awaits.

Goal Setting

We discover together what "the next right indicated thing" means in your story, and then we do goal smashing together. As a team, we will conquer more than you can possibly hope for, and once the ball starts rolling, your life will accelerate infinitely.

Relationship Coaching

We dissect the way that you are meant to be treated, the way that you are currently being treated, and how to build that bridge back to your Inner Divinity. You do not have to leave your partner to find the love that you both deserve, but if you need to leave them, you will learn what it means to be found.

Spiritual Wholeness

We start where you are and go at your pace. I've been to Heaven, and I've been through much more interesting than that, too. We can explore any of 13 different religious traditions, and as many as 5 dimensions of existence. You may come broken, but you will leave healed.

Career Advice

We take a holistic full-person approach to healing. Wherever you are on your career path, you can choose to be accelerated into the fifth dimension of existence, where all walls will fail to hold you back from your True potential.

What is a Spiritual Healer and life coach? 

First and foremost, this healing is for you. Nothing happens in this world by accident, and your arrival on this website indicates that Source has bigger plans for you than you can arrive at on your own.

Do you help atheists?

Abso-fuccin-lutely I do. I firmly believe that you do not need to believe in God to find access to Divine hope, healing, love, and more. If you have childhood religious trauma, you have come to the right page.

Can you really heal my childhood traumas?

It was not your fault. It was not your fault. It was not your fault. Through inner child healing, future self and higher self meditations, cord cutting ceremonies, and more, together we can find the hope and healing that you've deserved since you were born.

Please help, I had a hallucination and I'm scared.

Spiritual emergency is also known as Kundalini Rising or Kundalini Awakening. Mine was on 7/11/2013, I was in labor with my daughter, and she and her brother were removed from my custody by CPS on 7/15/2013. She now lives with me full time, and we have HEALED from the incredible trauma surrounding her birth and more. You are not crazy. This is not an accidental landing on this page. Let's get to work, babe.

What is a Twin Flame and why do I keep hearing that term?

If you consider yourself on a Twin Flame journey: I'm so glad you're here. Mirror souls often have to travel through karmic relationships, soulmates, and possibly more, and you may or may not end up in full Union right away, but my TF husband and I can guarantee that we can help you find sanity. If you keep hearing the term every time you turn around: I am you, I was you, I will be you for the rest of my life. Let's connect and heal together.

What does the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine mean in my language?

There are so many answers to this question, and they are all correct. Whether you believe in God, Heavenly Father, Source, The Universe, The Great Mystery, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Waheguru, Allah, Yahweh, or more, I speak your tongue and I will be able to guide you to your own identity and contact with your own Guides, whom are different for each individual, perfectly picked by Divinity Itself.

About Me

My name is Geneva Hill, I’m a 33 year old mother of six, with four of those children alive and under my roof.  I’ve had spiritual gifts that I can’t explain since I was five, and my biological family didn’t do a great job of nurturing them.

I had my first spiritual awakening in 2013, but it was unsafe, so I ended up having a second awakening in 2015, but it was still unsafe.

My final awakening occurred throughout the year in 2021. It started with hiring an Australian healer, and ended with a connection to Divinity anchored in reiki, and it was worth every single step of that journey to have what I have now.

I am an awakened and activated lightworker and healer, ready to help this planet and our species in any way possible. So, what do you say? Ready to find out more?


“Geneva is an awesome human being. We’ve been working together since our book (called Letters of Magic) was released. I feel stronger as we continue this blessed path.”

(After a session where Justin and I ended up damning a demon back to Hell:) I can’t even describe the terror fully and don’t know what I would have done without you two!! Thank you isn’t enough, but it’s the only thing I have, and eternal gratefulness ❤️

“Geneva really helped me through some decisions I just couldn’t figure out on my own. I’m so glad I looked to her for coaching. She steered me in the right direction and now I’m on the path to success! I highly recommend her!

Surrender to your destiny. Rise to the challenge. Reward Yourself.

It was so difficult for me to make the decision to rise up and overcome the adversity that I had been up against my entire life, but on the other side of my fear were wonders I can’t even begin to articulate. For one, I have lost 85 pounds this year whilst eating a chocolate bar every single night.

What’s your sign from your Highest Power? Double digits? Broken street lamps? Bees? Zebras and peacocks?
No matter what your sign is, you are not on this page by accident. Pray, reflect, and save this in your browser if you’re not ready to commit yet, because someday soon you’ll wish to get started.

Love and light, gorgeous soul. May we trudge the road of happy destiny together soon.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!