We Are The Galaxy

UnveilING Your Path to Cosmic Awakening

Hey, Bro.

I’m back again. Happier to be writing to You, this time. More on my own accord, and less under-duress-and-before-the-deadline.

I just wanted to drop a note of gratitude.


You are the one who has insisted for years that More Will Be Revealed, and now that I’m seeing a bit more of the overall picture, I’m feeling a lot of gratitude for the role You have chosen for me.

It hasn’t been an easy path, but as You have often reminded me: if others wanted to be able to do what I do, they would also have to endure what you have forced me to endure. 

I think I can speak for most of humanity when I say that getting locked in a room with no doorknobs is nobody’s vote for the perfect method to end a spiritual awakening.

However, the pain and suffering that Zelda and I endured on Ben’s behalf have more than been made up for with the joy, pleasure, and Bliss that is the journey of raising Atlas Triumph.

Thank you for her.

Thank you also for getting me out alive after that last bit of shadow work got so incredibly intense. I don’t think I’ve ever been more afraid in my life: locked in a bedroom with no occupants, and a shadow very clearly moving across the wall which could not be attributed to anything inside of the room casting it.

In my panic, your voice was loud: Surrender. Trust me. Just let go. Trust.

So, with my loop earplugs in, I took my glasses and sunglasses off, took the deepest breath I could imagine, and squeezed my eyes closed, along with the rest of my body, surrendering to whatever that shadow was possible of doing.


Just like that, I exhaled, my eyes popped open, and Your voice was gone.

I passed.

In the past, the tests that You put me through seem designed to destroy me once and for all. I’m really glad to know that we seem to be fighting for the same cause now.

Healing, right?

White light of Christ or possibly just good old 5th dimensional quantum energy work, eh?

I guess it doesn’t really matter what we call it, as long as it works to help free others. Freedom from pain, from doubt, from fear. That’s all that I’ve ever wanted for myself, and I’m happy to spread it as much as You allow.

So, anyway.

I really hope You have a great day. I hope you get Praised because awesomely beautiful things are happening. Maybe let’s not have one of those, “Oh God what have I done” kind of days today, deal?

And can you do me a favor and tell your wife that her butt looks great in those jeans? She loves a good compliment. 😉