We Are The Galaxy

UnveilING Your Path to Cosmic Awakening

Who the heck am I?

How did I get my superpowers?

How much did that fancy business card cost? (It was worth every penny, don’t you think?)


My name is Geneva Hill and for the most part, I’m a pretty normal human.

On the other hand, I have won the war against my own demons and completed my shadow work (for now), SO I am also a person with a lot of really fun stories to tell, and a heck of a lot more hope than many others that I know.

How did you win the war on shadow work, Geneva?

Well, funny you should ask. 

I think that it would be best to start with my “word of the year.”


Yes, just like that. Color and everything.

It was gifted to me by Cosmic Consciousness, and the year that has followed this gift has been unlike anything I could ever have expected.

I have created this amazing Church of Galaxy Inc, and attained 501(c)3 status. I’m in the process of collecting board members and getting our constitution written, so that we can get things a bit more ironed out.

What I do know is that we worship One Sublime Truth, and my status as a Twin Flame will help make everything secondary very clear.

This church does not have a huge emphasis on any ONE narrative, but rather the vision we have for it is that we can find a way to overcome the problems that Truth encounters currently by figuring out the similarities between the religions of Man.

This church is not being formed because 2021 is a moment where people will be open to it. Some may come, and we will love sharing with each other and getting to learn and grow together. Regardless, this vision is not for an institution based solely in 2021.

However, after 11/11/2022, I suspect that people will be extremely desperate for an institution such as this, which will help in the Global Alignment and Mass Ascension into fifth dimensional awareness that is coming as the upcoming Angel Portal opens fully.

So, if you are here and interested in learning more about me, I am so grateful and excited to watch you grow and expand into abundance consciousness.

Please feel free to find me on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook all @genevathehealer.

It gets better and better.